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You have always enjoyed knowing about love, relationships, and breakup. This is all about the most painful heartbreaks I have ever experienced and the lessons I learned from them.

In this blog, I will talk about love, separation, relationships, rejections, heartbreaks, and all the opportunities these aspects bring.  This one is to help you heal.

Learning of the 20s

You come alone and die alone. As a 30-year-old who has found success early on in life, I have realized love is the answer and romance is the most beautiful aspect of life.

Some of the happiest moments in my life have been when I was in love.

As I have aged, life has been kind from a career perspective, but my personal life has been all over the place. Things haven’t worked from a relationship perspective when I have worked the hardest. Things fall apart when I give all, and I feel it is the nature of some human life.

Maybe some people are destined to not get peace in their personal life till a certain age. It has been a challenging ride, and I don’t hold any anger against anyone. I try to forgive anyone who has given me pain and ask for forgiveness from the people I hurt.

To start with, this is about my three greatest heartbreak. I am not getting into detail because I don’t feel the need to share every aspect of my personal life online.

First Greatest Heartbreak

I was 19 when I met this girl in my life. She was dating at that time, so I didn’t let my heart grow any sense of emotions towards her. We became good friends. 

Uptill 22, you are experimental about life. And the situation that caused heartbreak was the experimental nature of life. We were growing close as friends, and one day at a party, we felt some spark. The next day when we met, we felt that same spark again, but she was dating. I feel bad for digging that grave.

The following year was difficult. As a teenager who had grown up watching Bollywood movies, I always thought she would come to me eventually. But that didn’t happen, and the situation became worst. I failed my exams the next year and deep-dived into the pool of alcohol because of that heartbreak. The outcome of that heartbreak ruined the career side of my life. I didn’t stop myself from falling into that phase. 

It was the lowest phase of my life. She kept saying she wasn’t sure if she liked me or him for that whole year. It used to hurt me like hell to see them together, but boys don’t cry, and looking at movies, I only knew to embrace the pain.

Eventually, I took a step back and blocked her. Then I jumped into gyming. The lowest phase of my life gave me the base to study again, join the gym, and eventually start BeerBiceps and all the other businesses

Second Heartbreak

I couldn’t find a place for anyone in my heart for the longest time. I started dating someone when I turned 26. 

At that time, I was even getting into meditation. Meditation changes your personality. Everything starts switching up, and you go into a fast phase of growth. And in your 20s, you become a different version of yourself every year. 

Imagine someone has been an incredible partner to you, and the relationship is going well. Spirituality enters your life, and you love her even more but your personality change. And that’s why she started drifting apart. The person she fell in love with wasn’t the same.

I have healed from it. But at that time, I blamed her. I wasn’t giving her what she needed in that phase. She helped me grow, but I was angry and sad because she fell for someone else when we were dating. It was the most painful thing in my life. 

Time heals you. With time you get over it. People make bad choices. It took long to get over that pain. And my career success also plays a role in healing that pain. 

Third Heartbreak

The last breakup was recent. After seeing business growth and failure, breakups, cheating, and many more, I felt, I could take on anything.

In past years, I had given so much, but things were not working. So I couldn’t give my heart to anyone. In the more recent phase of my life, I learned life throws the most incredible human beings in life. But things don’t work out the way you want sometimes. 

Sometimes you meet the right people at the wrong time. It took me a lot to open up with her, but when I did, I became vulnerable. We tried and put in effort, but it didn’t work out.

Lesson Learned

We both had different life plans for the future. Sometimes things might fail to work. Romance is not what movies show. I suggest watching 500 Days of Summer, Batman- The Dark Knight, and Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind to understand romance. These are the most heartbreaking films.

The true essence of life is strong self-loving individualism. You will have a great relationship only when you truly love yourself. Time will heal you from horrible heartbreaks. We come alone and die alone.

Thank You.


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  1. Hey! Ranveer it’s nice to share ur experience with others so that they can learn lesson from it.after hearing all this I was feeling thak god…u saved me from this emotional trauma bcoz I would be unable to come over better to live alone. Emotional part of my life always will remain blank. Well always carry ur brain with ur heart,so it will save ur heart from major trauma….yes it’s difficult….but…..and plz don’t watch Bollywood romantic movies the culprit of our damage.Koi raj aur simran nhi hai bhai…..face the reality luv is like a God hai but milega nhi. Just luv yourself and expect nothing Especially love.

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