Aghori Truths with Dr. Robert Svoboda

Honored to host a very special guest Dr. Robert Svoboda. He is one of the very few speakers who understand Aghoris the way Dr. Robert does. It was my team’s and my absolute pleasure to speak to him on such a deep level. Dr. Robert Svoboda discusses the seriousness of Agora and Tantra, emphasizing the need for a mentor and alignment with these practices. He warns against going to cremation grounds without proper guidance and protection, as subtle energies can have a significant impact. He also mentions his alignment with the rakshasa Gana, a category of people who have an affinity for this kind of practice.

The previous conversation with Dr. Robert was an introduction to Aghora. Please check out that conversation first. 

About Aghora

“Aghora is not something that can be taken lightly. It is important to have a guru. A guru will help you and protect you. There are a lot of things that could affect you. You need to make sure you are inclined to this.”

“Based on your Ganna, you can see which type of worship you should do. You need to know what and how much you should offer. You need to know how far you can go. You must have a clear idea of what you should be doing in this lifetime.”

“In my case, I never wanted to go in that direction. But when I met Vimalananda, he said you are already in that direction. I acknowledged it. A lot of people do their sadhna on the cremation ground.”


“I have offered my blood a lot of times. I haven’t done that in a long time. I have worked with skulls and have spent time on cremation grounds. You even have to work on intoxication.  It changes your perspective. The idea is not to get carried away. My guru always said things would come to you at the right time only when you are aligned. One thing to keep in mind is there is always something beyond.”

Eating FLESH

“The Aghora eats the flesh of a dead body to go beyond disgust. But you need to know when you eat the flesh. You are taking on some of the karma of that person. I tried arsenic trisulphide. We use it in Ayurveda, but it doesn’t work all the time. I tried it, and it was kind of an intoxication. I was sleeping for fewer hours, but it felt good. So I knew it had some downside.”

“Anyone who genuinely follows the path of Aghora is going to move to a point where there is peace. It is to get beyond the disgust. You should look at everything as a manifestation of reality. The whole point of Aghora is to not get stuck in that.”


“Cannabis grows all over the country. It is a plant, and in Ayurveda, it is an important thing mixed with a few other substances in the right amount. I once went to Ujjain, Mahakaleshwar long back. There the priest was applying a paste of bhang on the Shivlinga. The effect of Bhang comes quickly and goes away quickly. The only reason to take them would be to consume them and see in meditation. Whatever you use it for. It will encourage you to continue using it.”

“You need to know what are the things coming to you. My guru’s intoxication was scotch. His thoughts became sophisticated. Don’t do it unless there is someone to guide you. Do not try this stuff. If it is meant to happen, someone will come and guide you. Many people get lost in these intoxications, so do it only under guidance.”

“I met a guru who inspired me a lot, who Vimalananda used to call his junior guru. Guru Maharaj left his body in 1993. His samadhi is in Andra. Guru Maharaj had done a lot of sadhana, but when I got to know him, he was doing Gayatri Sadhna. He is the only person who has a certificate from the archeological survey of India stating that the sadhu was found during an excavation in the Puri district of Orissa in 1904. People were called who knew how to bring people out of samadhi, and then he was back in his body. At the start, he lived only on air, for some time, he consumed a spoon of milk and tobacco. He wasn’t chewing it and throwing it out. He would tear the leaves and eat them. He didn’t consume solid food.”

Limitless Knowledge & EXPERIENCE

“There is no limit to knowledge. There are people in India who are focusing on trying to understand reality for thousands of years. The number of things being experienced is beyond the capability of the human being to understand.”

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  3. hello long ago read periencesyour books,because a spiritual group i belong ,we receive a Kali practice ,,from a TANTRA teacher initiated in India,, he told us it was anAGHora teacher.Sriman Narayan ,,in calcuta in a diwali festival he meet this teacher.. and told him to do the sadhana out of india. I receive this practice in Mexico city..he gave us initiation and a collar with a rudraksha.. Later he gave us the practice of Mahakaly,,and we travel later with these teacher to india and then to ladak,,to the ornaments of Naropa..After yhis initiation many blessings og high teachers and the sry vydia knowledge open..tne language of the mother then came from her womb to the shrre yantra..Thank you very much for your sincerity and honesty in the way you wrote your books and share your experience,

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