Dark Side of Paranormal ACTIVITIES By Sarbajeet Mohanty

Sarbajeet Mohanty is a paranormal investigator and demonologist. He researches the existence of ghosts and spirits and investigates paranormal activities by visiting different places. He also travels to places containing myths and figures out whether these stories have any truth.

In this conversation, we discuss Horror Movie Misconceptions, how to Communicate with Ghosts, the dark side of Demonology & so much more.

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Horror Movie Misconceptions

“People get influenced by the movies and they hallucinate about seeing a woman in a white sari. Indian movies made the lady in the white sari famous. They always show the female character being possessed. We know that Conjuring is the closest to reality. I get that if there is no fear, people won’t go to watch the movie so they add certain things.”

Is Hell Real?

“Somewhere or the other, every place is haunted. What makes one place different from other depends on how active the spirits are in making their presence felt. There are good spirits that will help you out. Some spirits just need your attention. In 8/10 cases, the spirits don’t know they are dead. Then some spirits know they are dead but want to stay for multiple reasons. It could be for revenge or to help their family experience.”

“I would say that life as a spirit would be what we call hell. If a spirit is attached to a particular person, the spirit would still be attached to that person. Imagine being around your favorite person, and they are not acknowledging you. It would be hellish. Many spirits fear what is lying ahead when they cross over from this world.”

Old Soul

“Every day we wake up, we are energetic because we know we are lucky to be alive. So many spirits have proven that there is no concept of time. We were once investigating a graveyard in Khandala. We encountered a soul of a soldier who was buried in 1800 and had no idea that it is 2023. We have even encountered a soul in Holkar Bridge, Pune, and has been stuck there since the 11th century. We got to know he was murdered. We use PSB 7, which scans radio frequency. The noise is white noise which is converted by this device.”

“White noise is what they use to communicate. It is a scientific thing every color comes from white.”

Haunted Prisons

“Many prisoners are scared because they think the other side would be harsher than what they have gone through. There are many prisons in Australia where prisons are haunted, but no one reports this.”

Serial Killers

“Jeffrey Dahmer targeted the LGBT community. I feel serial killers like Ted Bundy, Serial killer Sam or Jeffrrey cannot be human. They have lost the respect of the soul. That is my belief that they have lost humanity and emotions. There was a killer known as the son of Sam. His main targets were women, mainly prostitutes. He said he was asked by his neighbor’s dog, whom he considered Lucifer. How can you kill a human irrespective of what they do?”


“I am a demonologist. I have been certified by the Church, and it is the study of demons. We are talking about entities that have never walked the earth. Demons are called inhuman spirits. I did it because I wanted to know how true it is. Demons are very powerful. They can harm a human being mentally and emotionally. All the religions have a mention of demons.”

“When we get a case of demonic possession the first time we ask is for a doctor’s certificate. We ask them to first talk to a psychiatrist or a psychologist. It is important because what content you feed it with will have an impact.”

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