Conversation With A Psychic: Evil, Ghosts & Past Traumas

In the Ranveer Show, we have the psychic ‘Pooja Vijay’ on TRS. She is one of the Founders of the Parapsychology And Investigations Research Society (PAIRS). She is a Psychic, Paranormal Investigator, Spiritual Counsellor, and Energy Healer. She, along with her team at PAIRS travels the country to investigate claims of paranormal, while her spiritual works have led her to found ‘Higher Dimensions’, a department dedicated to healing and Spiritual Growth.

This conversation is with Sarbajeet’s team. This is a horror unique to The Ranveer Show.

Who is a Psychic

“Technically psychic means tapping into your sixth sense. Every human being is a psychic. We all have a physical body, and subtle bodies. The subtle body is not seen. This subtle body is governed by chakra.”

“Our eyes can only see a particular spectrum, but many there are many others. Clairvoyants use their psychic vision to tune into this spectrum, see spirits, etc. Some people can hear noise that normal people can’t. Some empaths can absorb such feelings. Every human has a physical and subtle body, so everyone has psychic ability. Children have this psychic ability.”

“The charkas get blocked with the various life experiences, and the subtle body is affected. So the psychic abilities go down, and this is what happens with most of the humans. You might be able to gain those abilities when you start meditating and healing your inner child.”

How Did She Become A Psychic

“I was born with these abilities like everyone else.  I remembered my past life for the first ten years of my life. My parents have verified it as well. When I turned 9, I started to know what is going to happen in the future. In my teenage, it was mild. But when I started growing up, I saw a premonition of my mom’s accident. I even told my mom about eleven days before her accident. But at that time, I was not sure. Eventually, she did meet with an accident, but fortunately, she was safe.”

“After that, I knew, I didn’t want this. No one knew what I was going through. It was only happening to me. I was figuring things out. But I was not comfortable with this. Then suddenly my house got haunted. I had been living in the same house since my childhood and had never experienced anything like this.”

“So I was living with my parents and kids. Back then, my dad was also battling cancer. My elder kid and his friend were playing upstairs, and suddenly they heard a voice. They came running, and I went to check, and nothing was there. Later that night, I heard knocks on the door, chairs moving. And my younger son, who was two years kept crying and pointing towards the door and saying to go out of the room.”

“We hardly slept. I was in fear the whole day. My elder kid felt things during the day, and the younger one felt things at night between 2-3.  I tried talking to people as well, but no one believed me. I was in a terrible state of mind for two months. After that, I found a psychic, and as soon as he entered, he was like there are six entities here. I pleaded with him and he told us to step out. And the next day everything was fine.”

Researching & Learning

“After this incident, I started reading about it. I started researching more, and then I ended up meeting Sarbajeet. My mom is a psychic, and she gets downloads in her dreams. And even both my boys are. Those entities just wanted to be heard. Only after that, I became a psychic, I understood that they need help from us.”

“They are energies, and they see us as energies. They sense our fear and empathy. During the investigation, we know we can’t show fear because those demons can see your inner demons and use them against you.”

Her Scariest Experience

“The personality of a person doesn’t change after death. Demons have never walked the earth. Spirits that exist in this realm can be evil. We went for an investigation in a church close to Nainital. It was a creepy place for me as well. I experienced an entity that was a shapeshifter. I was taking the reading of the church. Inside we could feel good spirits, but outside they were evil spirits. It was a very active place. We were performing the Estes experiment. I was cut off from this world and was in the spiritual world.”

“I could hear noise and words. I heard shapeshifter. And during the reading, I could sense an old lady, and she had a very uncomfortable vibe. I started to think she was the shapeshifter. The night before this visit, I saw a dream, and I saw my mom, and she was explaining things. But in the dream, it just felt weird. She didn’t seem like her. And next day during, the experiment, I realized that it was the shapeshifter. I realized I didn’t heal from my mom’s death, and the shapeshifter was using it against me because I was vulnerable. We did get out of that place after the investigation. I even had a dream that night also was very dark. It took  me a month to heal from that.”

“I had to get rid of my past trauma. I had to do inner child healing and emotional healing. I have to let go of a lot of things. I tried different types of meditation. It was a lot of practice. There is a lot it takes. And it is a journey, so it gets better with time. I mainly avoid smoking and drinking. I am focused on what kind of energy I take in.”

Estes Experiment

“When I am in that experience, I am disconnected from the world. The eyes should be shut, and white noise is being played in the background. Please don’t try this. You don’t know what kind of entity you would encounter. In Estes’s experience, I am disconnected from the world. It is like I am teleported into the spirit world. I can hear the noise, and as my eyes are closed, I can sense them, and have visions.”

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